Roll the dice to avoid demons. Your spells only work if you're on the right number.

  • Right Mouse Button - Shoot
  • Left Mouse Button - Roll

Asset Acknowledgments -

Dice & UI: Kenney

Wizard and Monsters: (

Font: ([]=10&l[]=1)


Sound Effects: Kenney

Development log


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I like the simplicity of this game. But I feel like this game gets really frustrating with its randomness. I feel like removing the movement hurts the game more than just being a unique component. Perhaps making the rolls more in relation to what enemies are there instead of spamming the roll. So if there's a 3, 4, and 2, it randomizes between those numbers, not just a completely random roll. At the very least, the movement would probably help the game a bit more. Overall good job on the concept.

Hey, I was wondering if I could help you with the developpement of that game, since I really liked the idea. I'm good with pixel art and I could add better music to it. Do you think you can add me ?


I love this idea. Simple but still fun!

High score in development was 320!


I only got one kill higher than that, it requires a lot of luck!

Too much luck.